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Yoga Practices

From ” Awakening the spine ” by Vanda Scaravelli

“To be simple, to appreciate what has been given to us, and to take care of our body, is an act of humility.

By doing yoga in the proper way, we should be able to maintain its purity until the end.

While practising yoga do not fight the body, do not kill its instincts for the glory of the pose. Neither do you look at your body like a stranger, but adopt a friendly approach towards it, observe it, listen to it, understand its needs, its requests and even have fun. Play with it as children do, sometimes it becomes very alert and swift.

To be sensitive is to be alive.”


All these yoga practices are in Italian. English subtitles are available

A short morning sequence

How beautiful it is to awaken the body with fluid movements, one pose that evolves and transforms into another one, creating a continuity like pearls in a necklace

Backbend practice to open the heart

In this practice we will reinforce the back so that it becomes strong in supporting our body and allows us to lead with an open heart

A nice awakening for the body

Awakening is also making the body rejoice by playing with shapes in space

Improve abdominal and lower back tone

Our core is what connects us to the center of the earth, which grounds us and allows us to have stable foundations. The breath massages us from within and creates a pulsating space, full of vitality. 



Gain elasticity with hip opening postures

The hips are very strong and complex joints, but they often accumulate a lot of tension and become stiff, creating back problems as a result. Taking care with plastic movements and working the legs in different directions brings relief and lightness.

Flexibility and elasticity of the waist

The flexibility of bamboo as an example to create resilience, to be able to expand the body into round shapes that keep it protected and give it space again.

Moon salutations

Smooth sequences created with a gradual increase of intensity to allow anyone to find the right level of practice.